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Social Enterprise
NPO co. reg: 06796387

Professionals supporting disadvantaged parents in Social Services and Family Court proceedings

because fatherless children form the majority victims and perpetrators of violence, abuse and crime

Children loved and protected by both parents are multiple times safer, happier and motivated to respect and learn

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Expert Witness reports Social Care, Diversity, Childrens' behaviour and emotional problems

Professional reports, courses, and assessments,






         ID number: FR.ID-127023   Award winning Legal Services provider           


We are so proud of

all our service users


Returning children to their natural family


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Parenting Together social enterprise is a registered Charity reg: 1149523

We value our independence and integrity, allowing us to work without any Conflict of Interest. We are financed only by corporate, public donations and services
We do not receive any financial support from Local Authorities, the Government or our recommended Solicitors